The best sleeping and office capsules on the market!

Whether you need silence for a peaceful night’s sleep or to work efficiently, you will experience true comfort in our capsules. Enjoy the best solutions at a fantastic price.

Private space

You have just found your private space – exclusively for you. Use it as you need it: while relaxing, working or travelling.

Complete independence

Intuitive app – search, book and pay for capsules on your phone. It’s incredibly easy!

Unusual experience

Uncommon design, interior cosiness, and soundproofing are the domain of capsules. Taste a new dimension of space.

SpaceRebels app

There’s everything you need – from finding available locations & capsules, to booking and paying. You’ll do it all yourself in our app!

Private space

You don’t have to look for a free table in a cafe or a room in a hotel – in our capsule you will find a private space just for you, and whether you use it for work or relaxation – it will always be the best experience.

Functional space

Thanks to unique, proprietary solutions, you can enjoy acoustic comfort and ergonomic furnishings that have never been available on the market before.

Get to know our capsules

In our capsules you will find the best solutions both to spend the night and to work efficiently –
get to know our interiors and enjoy them 100%.

Sleeping capsule

Office capsule

Perfectly soundproofed space

Close the door and immerse yourself in peace

Adjustable lighting

Adjust the light intensity to your needs

Roller blinds

Special blackout blinds, providing total darkness for a restful night’s sleep

Desk and chair

At our desk you can work, make a call or summarise impressions of the day

Sockets and free Wi-Fi

Sockets near your desk and bed provide power where you need it. Comfortable and always close at hand

Comfortable bed

At the end of the day, lie down on a comfortable bed and sink into clean sheets

Perfectly soundproofed space

Focus on your work and increase your productivity

Adjustable lighting

Light colour and intensity

Privacy Glass

At the touch of a button, the glass changes from clear to frosted for total privacy.

Comfortable ventilation system

Quiet and efficient, with the possibility
of self-adjustment

Adjustable desk

Possibility of working sitting or standing

Sockets and free Wi-Fi

The Cube operates in a plug&play model and it takes just a few hours to install it.

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It’s easy! Everything you need in one app:

Check availability, book and pay for your Cube with the intuitive app.