Network Offer

Create a network of mobile offices with us

Want to increase the attractiveness of your facility and offer a unique opportunity to work in a soundproofed, comfortably equipped office?

How It Works

  1. You choose one of the four Cube types available for subscription.

Small Cube



Ideal for quick online meetings or teleconferences

Medium Cube



Suitable both for quick meetings with clients and relaxation after work

Large Cube



Designed for larger meetings with several people

Conference Cube



Perfect for a meeting with a larger group

  1. Our SpaceRebels team brings it to your company and installs it in just a few hours.
  2. Your team can use the Cube at your premises straight away.
  3. Additionally, within the subscription, your employees get access to the dynamically growing network of SpaceRebels Cubes in Poland and Europe! All thanks to our own app available both for IOS and Android.

Join our network!

  1. You can gain access to a new group of customers – professionals looking for spaces for hybrid work.
  2. You can offer your clients unique, soundproofed, office space exactly where they need it.
  3. With the data from the app, you know how popular the Cubes are – and can add new ones to your facility at any time.
  4. You earn with a profit-sharing model.

How does our partnership work?

We install the Cube in your facility
for free

We only need 2 sqm
to install a Cube

You earn from your Cube
in a profit-sharing model!

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    Meet the SpaceRebels Cube

    An innovative, perfectly soundproofed private space for effective work, meetings or teleconferences.
    Cube is the answer to the challenges of hybrid work.


    Mobile / easy to arrange

    Maximizing space

    Great solution for unused surfaces

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