Soundproofed booths for work!

Work as efficiently as never before. Enjoy the possibility of deep concentration
that you won’t find in other places.

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Specially designed acoustic solutions to make your work more effective than ever.


You don’t have to look for a free table in a café – just use our capsule and enjoy a private space exclusively for you.

Ventilation and lighting

Adjust the space to your needs – modify the lighting and ventilation intensity to suit your preferences.

Get to know our working booths

Innovative, perfectly soundproofed private space for effective work, meetings
or teleconferences. Our Cube is the answer to the challenges of hybrid working.

Perfectly soundproofed space

Focus on your work and increase your productivity

Adjustable lighting

Light colour and intensity

Privacy Glass

At the touch of a button, the glass changes from clear to frosted for total privacy.

Comfortable ventilation system

Quiet and efficient, with the possibility
of self-adjustment

Adjustable desk

Possibility of working sitting or standing

Sockets and free Wi-Fi

The Cube operates in a plug&play model and it takes just a few hours to install it.

Working booths – perfect for those who:

Need their space

Whether you just want to work in peace, meet with a business partner or record a podcast, our Cubes are the answer to your needs.

Like a smart environment

With our app, you can enjoy a quick & intuitive booking and payment experience.

Need silence

Want to fully focus on a task or have an important business conversation? Our interior will provide you with the perfect conditions.

Don’t like long-term obligations

Enjoy flexible access to professional office space without the need for long-term contracts and high rental costs.

Working booths – pricing

Small Cube



Ideal for a quick online meeting or teleconference

First hour:40 PLN
Each subsequent h:30 PLN

Medium Cube



Perfect for a quick meeting with a client as well as for relaxation

First hour:40 PLN
Each subsequent h:30 PLN

Large Cube



Designed for larger meetings with several people

Conference Cube



The perfect solution for larger meetings

Our locations

Today you can find us only in Wrocław, but soon we are opening new locations in
Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Prague and Bratislava.

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