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SpaceRebels is a private space for work, meetings and calls. Fully cut off from external distractors, well designed and comfortably furnished, our Cubes drive your work efficiency and encourage better achievement of your goals. All that with no long-term contracts or commitments.

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Over the years we have worked in different companies. Coworking spaces, open spaces and cafes at first glance offered good working conditions, but… the surrounding noise had a negative impact on our efficiency and made us work longer and less effectively. That’s why we decided to rebel against spaces that limit us.

The driving force for our work was the pandemic. We noticed how dynamically the market was changing and what services were in demand. Coworking spaces and meeting rooms couldn’t give us 100% comfort and flexibility. We searched further: a mobile office available immediately in a convenient location. This is how the SpaceRebels concept was born. Today, we help others find a place to be more effective.

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